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“We have a large network and multiple offices. With Paperless Technologies, our patients can now come to any office and have all their electronic forms and information available to them and to our staff. Our patients like it because they do not have to fill forms out at every office, and the team likes it because we do not fax patient documents or forms. ” - Scott Sutherland

PT Dental featured in Doctor of Dentistry

In the March 2008 issue of Doctor of Dentistry, Paperless Technologies and PT Dental were featured as Dr. Mubashir Chaudhry's solution to the need for a paperless office.

Excerpts from the article:

"Once we incorporated the paperless forms, we noticed that the time it took a new patient to fill out the forms dropped to eight minutes on average, and we've had new patients fill them out in as few as two minutes. We were shocked!"

"We've had young, tech-savvy parents fill them out; we've had grandparents fill them out," he [Dr. Chaudhry] relates. "They're not intimidated by the technology and the response has been great."

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